Well That Was Quick

So I had been editing School Police for about a year before I decided to publish it, thinking I might as well get the work out there. It’s basically a book of short stories I wrote in and after college and, as one reviewer wrote, it’s “early Biggs.”

Now that I had Mytro under my belt I realized I could probably do this whole thing myself. Using a free InDesign template and working with Sonia Budner, an amazing Polish artist, I had a full book together in about a day. A few copy edits by my buddy Chris Nesi and I was ready to go.

In a few minutes I uploaded the book and cover, pressed “Publish,” and saw the book available on the Kindle store. I went on vacation and, when I came back, I had a few minutes to look at the paperback edition. Another hour or so and I was done. The paperback edition was up and available.

The hardest thing, I guess, was the writing. The easiest was everything else.

I sold about 100 copies so far – not bad for some dude on the Internet – and I am now confident in my abilities to quickly and accurately put any old thing into peoples’ hands in a few hours. I’m a publisher! Excelsior!

I’m constantly amazed by the modern publishing marketplace. It’s amazingly easy and it’s getting easier. Folks like Tablo are making it easy to share books with the world and the guys at Reedsy are adding features like marketing and promotion. In short, indie publishers have all the tools the big guys have at their disposal.

I love to write. All this technology just makes it all 100% better.

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