•Available: 2 May 2014

•Illustrated by: Bryce Durbin

•Published by: Ray Bridge Press

•Formats: Paperback, eBook

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A Subway Adventure

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Imagine if, right now, clattering underneath your feet was a secret train system that could take you anywhere in minutes. Imagine a trip full of mystery and excitement from New York to Barcelona to the wind-swept coast of Italy to the edge of space. Imagine dangerous strangers, amazing friends, and high adventure.

Imagine Mytro.

The first book in the Mytro trilogy, this thrill ride of a story follows Turtle and Agata as they learn the secrets of a mysterious group trying to control the world and the strange creatures that could destroy it.

Mytro is a new fiction book by John Biggs for readers of all ages. You can buy the ebook on Amazon here and the the paperback here. Want to give it a try? Get 10 free chapters with a Tweet.

From the first chapter of Mytro:

The jackhammer stopped and the trill of birds replaced it in the quiet. Somewhere, over a low hill, Turtle heard the sound of traffic – a bus stopping with a whine of hydraulics, a horn beeping once in warning, the rev of a high-powered motorcycle peeling out into the street. He knew that the rest of the track team was somewhere far ahead, but there were more pressing matters.

Turtle looked carefully at the bushes, convinced the twins were hiding there somewhere, but in a few seconds he had confirmed what he suspected: the boys were gone.

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Praise for Mytro (by real kids who are unrelated to me):

“John Biggs knows how to tell a story.”

“Mytro is one of the best books I have read.”