Tooting My Own Horn (Just This Once)

I rarely bring up good reviews here (mostly because I have so few) but I was tickled to see this great review of Mytro percolate up on my feed. The author put some time into it and for that I thank him/her. Take a gander:

´┐╝There are a few other books that Mytro reminded me of, one being the Percy Jackson series, since I’m a big fan of mythology I ended up reading those, even though they are for kids. They were great books to entertain myself at the airport or the beach. But something that Biggs did that other books did not was truly dive deeply into another world, that was universal in scope, but existing on a completely different plane that humans haven’t even thought of. The intricacies of the world he created will make you rethink your existence completely

The best part of Mytro, is that it brought me back to my childhood, where I forgot about the world around me, and lived vicariously through characters on a page. I watch movies more than I read, but reading this book made me want to read more (and I have been). It’s nice to have people out there who are still transferring their imaginations into words for others to enjoy.

Biggs figured out a formula that worked. I’m really glad he decided to make this a trilogy, because I am excited to read the next two books. If you haven’t already checked it out, click I suggest you pick up a copy. You won’t be disappointed!

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