Write, Publish, Repeat: One Of The Clearest Books On Indie Publishing I’ve Ever Read

I try to read as few books on writing as possible. With the exception of Steven King’s On Writing and maybe Gardner’s On Becoming a Novelist, there’s little you can learn early on in your career from these books and, by the time you’re ready for them, most of the advice is already known. But in Indie publishing – essentially what I’ve been doing – there are few guidebooks.

That’s why Write. Publish. Repeat. (The No-Luck-Required Guide to Self-Publishing Success) was so refreshing. Written by the trio of guys who run the Self-Publishing Podcast, the book details a very simple method for making money via online publishing. Just as my motto is ABB – always be blogging – their motto is ABW – always be writing. The results, if the lads are to believed, is a steady income from writing.

This doesn’t mean their method is easy. It involves writing thousands of words a day in order to speedily produce what they call funnels. These are series of books written quickly and with reckless abandon (they do recommend copy editing and working with a collaborator) but they must have a number of goals – to entertain, to educate, and to keep the reader coming back. If you fail on any of those, you’re wasting your time.

I’ve been writing lots of stuff on a daily basis for years now but it never hit me to write lots of a book on a daily basis. Although you don’t have to follow their advice – and, to be honest, their grueling pace of 3,000+ plus words a day is enough to turn off any novice – their advice is solid gold if you’re looking to break through the great slushpile that is modern publishing. Note they’re not recommending you write a bunch of crap. Although their books tend towards sci-fi and horror, they’re still gathering fans, creating fun books, and generally doing what countless authors before them have done for centuries. They go through all of the tricks of the trade, including how to write your book, outline it, get it published on Amazon, and how to track sales and build an audience. And, while there are plenty of these books out there, theirs is written with enough humor and energy to keep you reading. I learned more in their book than I have in countless other books on the art of writing and that’s because these guys are writing about writing as a business.

I used to think I’d write a few books, send them to a publisher, and see the spine of my book at B&N or B. Dalton. One of those stores is closing and the other one is a distant memory. Now I want to write more, publish more, and be an indie. I want to share more. I love what they’re doing and I’m energized. These guys have laid out a clear plan for writers who might be interested in doing what they do: writing fun books for cool people and getting paid. It’s a win-win-win.

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