Would Anyone Be Interested In An Online Workshop On Using Scrivener?

My favorite writing program, Scrivener, is one of the most powerful tools in my arsenal. But it’s a little daunting. If you look at it without knowing what to expect it’s actually quite scary and, because of that, many people think they have to “learn” it.

You do have to learn it, but not in the way you think. I’m thinking of holding an hour-long seminar on how to use Scrivener for fiction and non-fiction writers. It would cover all the basics and then I’ll explore some of the tools I use to write long-form articles and edit my pieces. Scrivener has let me write 100,000 word books and 2,000 word articles and I think every writer should be familiar with it. I’d be willing to offer it for free to the first ten people who email me at john@biggs.cc with the subject line SCRIVENER. Then I’ll schedule and record the broadcast and post it online.

Let me know!

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