Why I Loved Mytro

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Without spoiling too much about his book, I’ll compare his book to others that have truly resonated with me throughout life. First being the Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy. There were moments in Mytro that truly reminded me of some fantastic moments in Hitchhikers. The nuances Biggs detailed in the characters taking us through a fast-paced action adventure, as well as the actual beings in charge of the Mytro were pretty intense. I’m totally biased in some ways because my family comes from Barcelona, so he had me smiling a lot every time the Castilian character would attempt to speak English.

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My First Author Interview At @booklikes

The good folks at BookLikes have run an amazing author interview in which I detail some of the secrets to becoming a non-successful fiction author in your spare time!

In all seriousness, it was an honor to appear on the site and I’m even running a paperback giveaway for Mytro right here. Sign up to grab a free book!

Read on for an excerpt from the interview.

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Bored Kids? Mytro is 99 Cents And I’ve Reduced The Paperback Price (Or I’ll Just Give It To You Free)

It’s the doldrums of summer and I suspect your kids, like mine, are probably staring into space. That’s why I’d love to get Mytro into their hands. If you have a bored kid, email me at john@biggs.cc and I’ll send you a free copy of Mytro in epub format. You can also grab it on Amazon for 99 cents or in Paperback for $9.99. What more could your bored kids ask for?

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A Visit To Barcelona

“I’m from Barcelona”, Agata said.

The very first instance of the city’s name being used in Mytro. While it is difficult to say what exactly was going on in that scene without revealing too much, it is a place that holds a certain magic for our young heroes and it’s one of the most beautiful cities in the world. That’s why it’s so important in Mytro.
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Turtle In Central Park

Central Park foliage photo-walk, Nov 2009 - 10

We New Yorkers know Central Park as a big space, full of greenery, tourists, dogs, bicycles, and sunlight — meanwhile, in the winter it retains the atmosphere reminiscent of a nuclear wasteland (probably only I think that). In Mytro, the name “Central Park” appears exactly 25 times, and each time, it makes an important reference to it, and even plays an important part in some of the scenes.
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Why Did Agata And Turtle Appear Under The Charles Bridge?

First seen in Chapter 27 of Mytro, the Charles Bridge is an iconic location briefly mentioned by Agata to Turtle as being close to Brehova — the next stop for the pair after Barcelona. When a reader comes to the realization that Turtle and Agata used the Mytro to travel from Barcelona to Prague in no time flat, Agata’s phone immediately began serving roaming messages; the Charles Bridge literally serves as a bridge to stabilize the reader in the first few pages of the chapter. Through some communication and the use of maps on a phone, the characters find themselves reaching one of their goals in the Brehova district.
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